Climbing up the Ice Fang

Climbing up the Ice Fang

The Fang
is an ice formation in Vail, Colorado is a world famous ice pillar that forms on exceptionally cold winters. Then, when the weather drops, these cascades turn into a giant pillar of ice: a 50 meters high column and about 8 meter large at the base. Video after the jump.

Car Thieves Leave Cars, but Take the Catalytic Converters

Car Thieves Leave Cars, but Take the Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter is made with trace amounts of platinum
, palladium and rhodium, which speed chemical reactions and help clean emissions at very high temperatures. Selling stolen converters to scrap yards or recyclers, a thief can net a couple of hundred dollars apiece. Exactly how much depends on the size of the car and its converter.
Car Thieves Leave Cars, but Take the Catalytic Converters

Jose Fernandez
said he decided some time ago that on his salary as a restaurant worker, he was better off without his 1996 Toyota 4Runner. He hoped to make a nice bit of cash from its sale.

Before he could do that, though, someone beat him to extracting value: A thief sneaked under the sport utility vehicle with a battery-powered saw, slicing from the Toyota’s underbelly what may be one of the most expensive small parts of the auto world: the catalytic converter, an essential emissions-control device made with small amounts of metals more precious than gold. Who knew? Mr. Fernandez didn’t.

Inside the lobby of the New Windy City Mufflers and Brakes shop, Mr. Fernandez said he had heard a rumor that catalytic converters had suddenly become the rage on the black market here, but he did not believe it until his went missing on a well-lighted North Side street.

Theft of scrap metals like copper and aluminum has been common here and across the country for years, fueled by rising construction costs and the building boom in China. But now thieves have found an easy payday from the upper echelon of the periodic table. It seems there may not be an easier place to score some platinum than under the hood of a car.

“This morning I woke up and walked out, turned the key and there was a noise like this,” Mr. Fernandez said, grumbling the trainlike roar that cars make when they are missing their converters. “And now to fix it, I don’t want to spend the money because it’s really expensive.”

The price of gold recently hit record highs, crossing the $1,000-an-ounce mark before retreating a bit. Less well publicized has been the fate of the even-more-rarefied metals platinum, palladium and rhodium, with platinum hitting recent record highs of more than $2,300 an ounce. People who may have thought their lives had nothing to do with the booming commodities market are finding out the hard way where their connection is — in their car’s exhaust system.

The catalytic converter is made with trace amounts of platinum, palladium and rhodium, which speed chemical reactions and help clean emissions at very high temperatures. Selling stolen converters to scrap yards or recyclers, a thief can net a couple of hundred dollars apiece.

Exactly how much depends on the size of the car and its converter. But even a little bit is worth a lot. Converter thefts are the quickie crime du jour, not only in Chicago, where workers in auto body shops and other experts say it is increasingly a nuisance, but anywhere cars are, which is to say basically everywhere.

“These are definitely occurring more than they have in recent memory, and why that is is definitely tied to the price of precious metals within converters,” said Frank Scafidi, spokesman for the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Replacement converters usually start around $450. “When you start getting into the larger S.U.V.’s, it’s $1,000-plus,” said Don Tommasone, owner of Village Automotive, a car care center just outside the city. “The larger the catalytic, the more platinum. That’s the ones they’re stealing. It’s also easier to crawl underneath them. They don’t need to jack up the vehicle, they just saw it right off.”

This month in Memphis, 140 children were stuck at their day care center after thieves stole the catalytic converters from the center’s two vans. Recently in Columbus, Ohio, 25 cars in one parking lot were vandalized for their catalytic converters. And several states are working on legislation to make it harder to resell what up to now was a part little known outside the world of auto enthusiasts and mechanics.

Because stealing a converter does not involve actually breaking into a car, it often goes undetected. Alarms and other precautions, like parking in a well-lighted area, are scant defenses.

Last year in Minnesota, someone broke into the Ramsey Police Department’s impound lot and took 19 catalytic converters off the vehicles there, a spokeswoman said. The Star Tribune in Minneapolis ran this headline about the break-in: “Thieves Show How Low They’ll Go.”

Jim Lyon lives opposite a police station in the Chicago suburb of Westmont, and can see his Jeep Cherokee from his window. Still, someone got him. “They’ll probably get 150 bucks for two minutes’ work. Not bad!” Mr. Lyon said. “As soon as I realized there was precious metal inside, I knew what they were looking for.”

Legs sticking out from under a car were a tip-off this year for the Chicago police, who said they spotted a man in the Lakeview neighborhood just before he slithered from under the car and discarded a power saw along the curb. The man and three accomplices were charged with burglary and possession of burglary tools.

“When will this stop?” wondered Chris McGoey, an auto theft expert. “When they’re not worth anything any more.”

Bizarre ball of twisted metal space junk falls from the sky into farmer's backyard

It might not be much to look at, but this ball of twisted metal has been all the way into space - and back again.

James Stirton, who found it in his backyard, was initially mystified by the object's appearance. The 20kg heap of tangled carbon fibre and steel stuck out like a sore thumb from the dry scrubland of his cattle farm in Queensland, Australia.

"I was just riding along on my bike and it was beside the road, beside a track out in the paddock," Mr Stirton said.

Bizarre ball of twisted metal space junk falls from the sky into farmer's backyard

"I just wondered
what it was so I went over and had a look at it and I figured it must have fallen from the sky because there's no tracks or traffic or anything out here."

He added: "I know a lot about sheep and cattle but I don't know much about satellites. But I would say it is a fuel cell off some stage of a rocket."

Brisbane Planetarium curator Mark Rigby was asked to examine the object, which landed in the small town of Cheepie, west of Charleville in November last year.

He said there was "no doubt" it was a helium or nitrogen tank from a rocket, probably one that had been used to blast a U.S. solar satellite into space more than 18 months ago.

"I looked at what had been coming down around that time and orbits and things like that and managed to narrow the time frame based on when the farmer found it," he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"This particular object was predicted for re-entry (into the Earth's atmosphere) at 11.47am Australian Eastern Standard time on November 1, 2007, which would have put it near Indonesia.

"I don't know why, but I think it has just sort of limped on a bit and ended up in Charleville."

After checking space flight records, Mr Rigby said the rocket had likely been launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida on October 26, 2006.

It was used to send up one of two Stereo satellites into orbit to study the sun.

Helium or nitrogen tanks are used to pressurise the rocket's fuel systems and also to manoeuvre the spacecraft.

Mr Rigby said falling space junk was not as uncommon as people might think.
Bizarre ball of twisted metal space junk falls from the sky into farmer's backyard

Nasa scientists estimated
last year that more than 9,000 pieces of space debris are orbiting the Earth - and the hazard will only get worse in the next few years.

Much of the debris results from explosions of satellites, especially old upper stages left in orbit with leftover fuel and high-pressure fluids inside.

"There is about 5,000 tons' worth of operational and non-operational satellites and space junk in orbit at any one time," Mr Rigby added.

"There are things like this re-entering the Earth's atmosphere every week. The predictions can be quite uncertain about where it is going to come down."

Indeed, the remote area where Mr Stirton lives, around 500miles (800km) west of the northern Queensland state capital of Brisbane, is something of a magnet for so-called "space junk".

In 1979, large parts of the Skylab space station famously fell to earth near a tiny outback town in the west of Australia.

The local council sent Nasa a ticket for littering and the U.S. President at the time, Jimmy Carter, rang a local motel to apologise.

Scientists discover biggest meteorite ever to hit Britain

It hurtled to Earth at a mind-boggling 38,000 mph and exploded on impact with the force of more than 1,000 nuclear bombs.

Anyone standing nearby would have been instantly burnt to a crisp by the scorching 200mph winds that swept across the land in its wake.

Such a terrifying spectacle would certainly have done little for the tourist industry in the tranquil Highland port of Ullapool which stood at very centre of Britain's largest ever meteorite strike. If only anybody was around to witness it.

Fortunately, it is around 1.2 billion years since the meteorite unleashed its destructive power on this starkly beautiful corner of north-west Scotland.

Yet, it is only now that scientists have finally uncovered the evidence to prove where the giant rock, which may have measured up to half a mile in diameter and left a crater eight miles wide, landed.
Scientists discover biggest meteorite ever to hit Britain

Academics from Aberdeen
and Oxford universities are now convinced that it was a meteorite which caused highly unusual rock formations along a 30-mile stretch of coastline that draw thousands of visitors every year.

Previously, it was thought the intricate deposits of brightly coloured and rare minerals found on the Stoer peninsula were created by volcanic activity.

But after spending two years studying tiny samples of rock from the mountain Stac Fada under a microscope, geologists believe they have identified fragments of meteorite and say the centre of the crater would be where Ullapool now stands.

Ken Amor, of Oxford University's Department of Earth Sciences, said: "This is the most spectacular evidence for a meteorite impact within the British Isles found to date.

"If there had been human observers in Scotland 1.2 billion years ago, they would have seen quite a show.

"The massive impact of the meteorite would have melted rocks and thrown up an enormous cloud of vapour that scattered material over a large part of the region around Ullapool.

"The crater was rapidly buried by sandstone which helped to preserve the evidence.

"What we have discovered about this meteorite strike could help us to understand the ancient impacts that shaped the surface of other planets, such as Mars."

Chemical testing of the sample rocks revealed evidence of what is knowns as an "ejecta blanket". This represents debris thrown out when the huge projectile slammed into the Earth's crust.

The ejected material was scattered over a 30-mile radius and the researchers found rocks containing high levels of iridium, a key sign of meteoritic activity.

Mr Amor added: "We found more evidence when we examined the rocks under a microscope; tell-tale microscopic parallel fractures that also imply a meteorite strike."

The geologists have now published their findings in the science journal Geology.

Co-author Professor John Parnell, head of Geology & Petroleum Geology at Aberdeen University, said: "These rocks are superbly displayed on the west coast of Scotland.

"Building up the evidence has been painstaking, but has resulted in proof of the largest meteorite strike known in the British Isles."

Space rubble, including meteorites, left over from the creation of the solar system has been landing on Earth for billions of years but only 174 have been large enough to leave craters or remnants of craters that are known to exist.

The world's largest known meteorite crater is at Bredefort in South Africa's Free State Province, which measures around 190 miles across.

Scott Thackrey, a PhD student at Aberdeen University who also worked on the report, said: "If this meteorite had struck Ullapool today, then the blast would have burnt the skin off people standing in Inverness 60 miles away. And 20 seconds after impact, Aberdeen which is 160 miles away would have suffered winds up to 200mph."

But, he added: "People nowadays should feel totally safe as we know the position of all major meteorites and they will not be heading our way."

The Pregnant Husband: Transgender Man Expecting a Baby

The Pregnant Husband: Transgender Man Expecting a Baby

To his neighbors,
Thomas Beatie and his wife Nancy are just another young happy couple living in a quiet Oregon neighborhood. But Thomas is no ordinary man: he is transgender and now … he is pregnant!
Ten years ago, when Nancy and I became a couple, the idea of us having a child was more dream than plan. I always wanted to have children. However, due to severe endometriosis 20 years ago, Nancy had to undergo a hysterectomy and is unable to carry a child. But after the success of our custom screen-printing business and a move from Hawaii to the Pacific Northwest two years ago, the timing finally seemed right. I stopped taking my bimonthly testosterone injections. It had been roughly eight years since I had my last menstrual cycle, so this wasn’t a decision that I took lightly. My body regulated itself after about four months, and I didn’t have to take any exogenous estrogen, progesterone, or fertility drugs to aid my pregnancy.

, some people are shocked:

“Our situation sparks legal, political, and social unknowns. We have only begun experiencing opposition from people who are upset by our situation. Doctors have discriminated against us, turning us away due to their religious beliefs. Health care professionals have refused to call me by a male pronoun or recognize Nancy as my wife. Receptionists have laughed at us. Friends and family have been unsupportive; most of Nancy’s family doesn’t even know I’m transgender.”

I bet they do now!!!

There's something fishy about this as monster eel scares city-centre shoppers

A monster from the deep lurks in the heart of one of Britain's great cities, terrifying the unwary who catch a glimpse of it deathly eyes staring from its icy bed.

Even with its razor-sharp teeth concealed in its closed jaws, the massive conger eel has been enough to give passers-by a scare in Manchester's Arndale Centre.

But there will be no Beowulf-style quest to kill the huge creature - the job has already been done.

The 7ft, 12-stone eel has pride of place on the stall of fishmonger Steve Williams.
There's something fishy about this as monster eel scares city-centre shoppers

It took three men
to lift the enormous eel - landed by fishermen off Cornwall - out of its icebox when it arrived at Whales Fish and Poultry, Mr Williams' store in the shopping centre.

He said: "In 18 years I have never seen a monster this big. A lot of customers have actually been quite frightened by it."

Conger eels approaching 18 stone in weight have been caught by commercial fisherman off Britain's shores.

They are thought to migrate to the Sargasso Sea in the sub-tropical Atlantic to breed, spawning at depths of 10,000 to 12,000 feet.

Giant stingray kills sunbathing woman by leaping onto boat and impaling her through the neck

A woman sunbathing on the deck of a boat was killed after a stingray leapt out of the water and impaled her through the neck with a poisonous barb.

Judy Zagorski, 57, was on holiday with her family on the boat when the bizarre incident happened.

It was not immediately clear if she was killed by the barb of the 6ft spotted eagle ray or whether she suffered a fatal injury when she banged her head.
Giant stingray kills sunbathing woman by leaping onto boat and impaling her through the neck

The incident off the Florida Keys was reminiscent of the freak death of Australian wildlife expert Steve Irwin who was killed by a different type of ray while filming on Australia's Great Barrier Reef in 2006 when its barb pierced his heart.

Spotted eagle rays can grow up to 17 feet in length and weigh up to 35 stone. They are known to occasionally jump out of the water, but are not aggressive.
Giant stingray kills sunbathing woman by leaping onto boat and impaling her through the neck

"It's a bizarre accident,"
said Jorge Pino, an agent with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Mrs Zagorski and her familym from Michigan on an early Easter break, were aboard a boat in the Atlantic Ocean, off the city of Marathon in the Florida Keys, he said.

"A large ray jumped out of the water and collided with the victim and somehow the barb penetrated some part of her body, which caused her to fall back and hit her head on some portion of the vessel," Pino said.

"We don't know exactly which one of those things caused her death."
Giant stingray kills sunbathing woman by leaping onto boat and impaling her through the neck

Her father who was driving the boa
t " had absolutely no warning. It just happened instantaneously," Pino said.

Eagle rays are common in warm or tropical waters and are often seen near coral reefs. The spotted creatures can have two to six short, venomous barbs near the base of their whip-like tails.

The rays often swim near the water's surface and can leap out, especially when pursued, but are generally shy of humans.

"All rays leap out of the water from time to time but certainly to see one collide with a vessel is extremely unusual," Pino said.

"Rays jump to escape a predator, give birth and shake off parasites," said Lynn Gear, supervisor of fishes and reptiles at Theater of the Sea in Islamorada.

"They do not attack people."

Amazing pictures capture elephants making a gigantic snowball

They are more used to a balmy climate, but as these amazing pictures show, elephants love to play in the snow too.

Two of the massive mammals played together in the cold safari park in Ontario, Canada and even made a gigantic snowball together.
Amazing pictures capture elephants making a gigantic snowball

The elephants at the African Lion Safari in Hamilton, used their trunks to gather the snow and pile it high to create the massive ball of ice.

They worked hard to compact the snow and the structure was so stable that one of the safari park workers could stand on it.
Amazing pictures capture elephants making a gigantic snowball

The park was founded by
a retired Canadian Army colonel and opened its doors to the public in 1969. From 1985 they made a concentrated effort to breed Asian elephants. And if these pictures are anything to go by, their descendants are having a ball.


Seeing double: Indian baby born with four eyes, two mouths and two faces

Seeing double: Indian baby born with four eyes, two mouths and two faces

Seeing double: Indian baby born with four eyes, two mouths and two faces

Seeing double: Indian baby born with four eyes, two mouths and two faces

Seeing double: Indian baby born with four eyes, two mouths and two faces

To some she may seem an oddity, but to one Indian couple their newborn daughter is simply a God reincarnated.

Their as yet un-named four-day-old baby girl was born with two faces, two mouths and four eyes in the rural Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, 50km north east of New Delhi.

Her parents, Vinod and Susham Singh from a village called Sani, said their little girl was "a gift from God".

Excited villagers claim she is the reincarnation of the Indian God Ganesha and celebrated her arrival with clapping, cheering and offerings of gifts and money.

Doctors who delivered the baby said she appeared to be in good health, but said further tests will need to be carried out to determine any long-term health problems she may have.

They are also unable to say if she will be able to eat and function normally.

The excitement surrounding her arrival comes two years after the birth of another little girl, from the poverty stricken region of Bihar, who was born attached to her headless twin.

In a 40 hour operation, doctors successfully removed the lifeless body from Lakshmi Tatma, who was hailed as a reincarnation of Vishnu.

The extraordinary eight-limbed baby was born on the day devoted to the celebration of the four-armed Hindu deity Vishnu.

Since the operation Lakshmi has successfully taken her first steps.

Her mother Poonam Tatma said she believed her daughter was "a miracle".

Good fish! The amazing moment a man pats a Great White Shark as it breaches next to his boat

It's a little to close to the jaws of death for our comfort.

This is the amazing moment a man pats a monstrous Great White Shark off the coast of Australia after attracting it with chunks of bait.

The image was originally taken to demonstrate the powers of the Shark Shield, an electronic device designed to keep sharks away from surfers.
Good fish! The amazing moment a man pats a Great White Shark as it breaches next to his boat

But after one Great White bit right through such a device, and in a separate incident a student died in a horrifying shark attack, scientists began to wonder if the devices do not repel sharks so much as they attract them.

Jarrod Stehbens, 23, was on a University diving trip when he was taken by a shark at Glenelg in Adelaide, Australia in August 2005.

At the inquest into his death, staff from Adelaide University questioned whether shark shields should be used at all.

The university was worried that the devices attracted sharks before deterring them, and posed a health risk, especially to pregnant women or anyone with heart problems.
Good fish! The amazing moment a man pats a Great White Shark as it breaches next to his boat

Other stories of sharks biting through the devices have been documented.

The Shark Shield's website claims the device utilises a technologically advanced three dimensional electronic wave form to repel sharks by inducing spasms in their snouts.

The electronic waves work from about eight metres away. The closer the shark gets, the site claims, the more intolerable the spasms become.

It says the product is tried and tested and does not attract sharks but repels them.

Half-ton man's disastrous date

Half-ton man's disastrous date

man who once weighed half a ton has
been out on a date - but it was not quite as romantic as he hoped when the forklift truck carrying him hit an overpass.

Uribe made all the necessary arrangements - a forklift to carry him out of the house and a flatbed tow truck big enough to haul the formerly half-ton man and his bed to a party.

But even the open road wasn't big enough to handle Uribe's dream of celebrating a budding romance and his success in losing about 200kgs (440lbs).
Uribe was halfway to a picnic near his Monterrey-area home on Sunday when one of the posts holding a sun-shielding tarp over his bed hit an overpass.

Uribe's blood pressure dropped so much his doctors advised him not to go on and the celebration - being documented by about two dozen photographers and reporters from around the world - was cancelled.

"We were going to celebrate that I've been losing weight for two years and that it was my girlfriend's birthday," Uribe said in a telephone interview.

"The saddest part was that I couldn't fulfill my dream of taking my girlfriend out to eat."

Uribe says that after losing weight on a high-protein diet he started two years ago, he's down to about 360kgs (800lbs).

Last year, Uribe left his house for the first time in five years. Six people pushed his iron bed on wheels out to the street as a mariachi band played and a crowd gathered to see the man who once weighed 560kgs (1,235lbs).

At the time, the 42-year-old mechanic rode through the streets of his native San Nicolas de los Garza to enjoy the sun and wave to neighbors.

Uribe weighed more than 115kgs (250lbs) as an adolescent, and he just kept growing.

Since the summer of 2002, Uribe has been bedridden, relying on his mother and friends to feed and clean him. He drew worldwide attention when he pleaded for help on national television in January 2006.

Uribe says despite the setback, he still hopes to go out with his girlfriend on June 11, when he will turn 43.

"We'll just have to plan it better," he said.

Caught on camera: The rare pygmy hippos surviving civil war in Liberia

These photographs show how rare pygmy hippos are surviving in Liberia's forests despite two civil wars that threatened to destroy their habitat, British scientists said today.

One of the most secretive large mammals on Earth, the pygmy hippo is rarely seen in the wild but was caught on camera in the west African country's only national park, Sapo, by a team led by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

The hippo, which looks like a smaller version of the common hippopotamus, had been identified by ZSL's Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (Edge) programme as being in need of urgent conservation, prompting the trip to Liberia.
Caught on camera: The rare pygmy hippos surviving civil war in Liberia

There are thought to be less than 3,000 of the mammals remaining in the wild in Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Guinea and Liberia and there are serious concerns about its survival due to habitat destruction and poaching.

But "camera traps" set up by ZSL, Flora and Fauna International (FFI) and Liberia's Forest Development Agency in a monitoring expedition funded by the People's Trust for Endangered Species captured the elusive pygmy hippo on film within three days.

The cameras will remain in place as part of a monitoring programme to produce an accurate population estimate and a conservation plan, the researchers said.
Caught on camera: The rare pygmy hippos surviving civil war in Liberia

Ben Collen, ZSL research fellow said the team had headed to Liberia, which had suffered two civil wars in the last two decades, to search for the "extraordinary, mysterious creature".

"We were delighted to discover that a population still persists there, but remain highly concerned for the species, which continues to face significant threats from poaching and habitat degradation," he said.

FFI senior projects manager Africa Stephen van der Mark said: "Liberia's Upper Guinean forest ecosystem, where the pygmy hippo was photographed, is a major global conservation priority.

"Though unsustainable forestry and mining operations were especially devastating during the civil wars, they still pose a significant threat today.

"Only 10 per cent of the original Upper Guinean forest is left, of which Liberia contains about 40 per cent.

"This new sighting gives us hope that, with a concerted effort, we can still protect the area's remaining biodiversity including the charismatic pygmy hippo," he said.

Liberia's Forestry Development Authority's managing director John T Woods said he had been "pessimistic" about the existence of the pygmy hippo at Sapo, but the photos confirmed the richness of biodiversity in the Liberian forest.

Amazing picture of the moment a British teacher was attacked by a 400lb lion

This was the horrific moment a British teacher was savaged by a lion - coming within inches of death.

The big cat pounced on Kate Drew from behind and dragged her to the ground, sinking its teeth into the back of her neck.

As wardens on a Zimbabwe game reserve rushed to help, the 400lb lion kept the 28-year-old tourist firmly in its grip - but, mercifully, its jaws just missed her brain stem.
Amazing picture of the moment a British teacher was attacked by a 400lb lion

Seconds later, she was rescued, dripping with blood. The bite wounds left her needing 13 stitches.

Recalling the attack just over a month ago, Miss Drew, from Hornchurch, Essex, said she assumed she was a "goner" after the lion pounced.

As it held her down, she was even more terrified to glance up and see two more lions coming her way.

She was saved only when the wardens rushed in with sticks and wrestled the animal away.
Amazing picture of the moment a British teacher was attacked by a 400lb lion

It is thought the lion intended only to "play" with her after being attracted by her mane-like long blonde hair.

The closeness of her brush with death sank in only after Miss Drew saw these photographs of the attack, taken by a fellow traveller.

"It brings back just what a crazy experience it was," she said.

"It's quite shocking to see a picture of it."
Amazing picture of the moment a British teacher was attacked by a 400lb lion

The primary school headmistress had been working as a volunteer teacher in Tanzania since last September and was spending a few weeks travelling across Africa on a bus with other backpackers.

As part of the trip, they visited a project where lions are bred to be released back into the wild.

Tourists can pay £24 to walk with several of the big cats, which are considered tame enough to be allowed contact with humans.
Amazing picture of the moment a British teacher was attacked by a 400lb lion

Miss Drew, who is now helping at an orphanage in Peru, said: "I was a bit apprehensive, but we were just leaving and everything seemed to have gone well - until this one lion jumped at me from behind.

"I was scared enough when he pinned me to the ground, but when I looked up and saw the other two, I really thought I'd had it. I thought, 'Oh my God, I'm a goner'."

Man Creates Vigilante Robot to Battle Drug Dealers

Man Creates Vigilante Robot to Battle Drug Dealers

Atlanta bar
owner Rufus Terrill has built an armor plated remote control robot to video tape and chase away drug dealers and other unsavory characters who are causing problems in the neighborhood.Late at night several times a week, Terrill powers up the 4-foot-tall, 300 pound device and reaches for a remote control packed with two joysticks and various knobs and switches. Standing on a nearby corner, he maneuvers the machine down the block, often to a daycare center where it accosts what Terrill says are drug dealers, vagrants and others who shouldn’t be there.He flashes the robot’s spotlight and grabs a walkie-talkie, which he uses to boom his disembodied voice over the robot’s sound system.
Man Creates Vigilante Robot to Battle Drug Dealers

“I tell them
they are trespassing, it’s private property, and they have to leave,” he said. “They throw bottles and cans at it. That’s when I shoot the water cannon. They just scatter like roaches.”

Salad days for coleslaw wrestlers

Salad days for coleslaw wrestlers

Shaunah Gordon
is covered in coleslaw after being pinned by coleslaw wrestling champion Angela Kosobud, during the double elimination event at a coleslaw wrestling contest.
The event saw women wrestling in a mixture of chopped up cabbage and oil, for a chance to win $500. As you do.

The coleslaw wrestling took place at Sopotnick's Cabbage Patch in Samsula, Florida on Wednesday. Somehow, you just knew this was going to be in Florida, didn't you?

Children saved from global sex ring

Eight British children have been rescued from sexual predators belonging to a global paedophile ring.

The youngsters, aged between six and 14, were identified from thousands of images seized in an international police operation.

Police safeguarded the victims after they were traced to addresses in the UK, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) Centre said.

News of the victims came to light after a two-year investigation led by the FBI and Queensland Police in Australia concluded last week. Investigators successfully infiltrated the online newsgroup, which also had members in the United States, Australia, Canada and Germany.

A total of 22 people were arrested last week, including two men in the UK, by officers in the final act of dismantling the paedophile ring. Six further British men have already been jailed for their roles in trading and receiving pictures and videos on the network.

Paul Griffiths, who heads the victim identification team at Ceop, said the children were subjected to horrendous abuse.

He said: "In every image there is a child. These images are crime scene photos where children are being subjected to sexual abuse. This is not 'child pornography'.

"It's important to remember, too, that these children were not missing. They were located in the place where they were supposed to be safe - their own home - where their abuse was recorded and made available over the internet to satisfy sickening sexual desires of a deviant group of individuals."

As a result of the two-year operation, 400,000 images of child abuse were seized and some were passed to individual countries for investigation.

Officers in the UK used facial recognition software and painstaking detective work to identify victims from clues in each image.

Attack of the 122ft snow woman

The world's largest snowwoman has been constructed in Bethel, Maine, beating their own record for building giant snow beings.
Attack of the 122ft snow woman

The snowwoman
- named Olympia, in honour of Maine's senior Senator, Olympia Snowe - stands an impressive 122ft 1in tall.

Bethel's previous record-breaking snowperson was the 114ft tall Angus, King of the Mountain. That snowman, built in 1999, was named after Maine's then Governor, Angus King.
Attack of the 122ft snow woman

What they'll
do when Maine doesn't have any local politicians whose names lend themselves to snowpeople is anybody's guess.

Goat people offer goat for goat marrying man

Goat people offer goat for goat marrying man

We all remember the giddily romantic tale from two years ago of Mr Charles Tombe, the Sudanese man who was forced by village elders to marry a goat after they caught him drunkenly having sex with it.

Attentive followers of internet tales of goat-love will also recall that, tragically, the goat died in May 2007, leaving Mr Tombe as Sudan's - nay, the world's - most famous goat-widower.

Luckily for Mr Tombe, a firm is now trying to brighten up the goat side of his life once more, as they're trying to track him down and give him a replacement goat.

The goat matchmaking service is being carried out by, which is a new comedy mobile messaging service. Selflessly, they're offering up one of their corporate mascots as Mr Tombe's new bride.

The goat in question is named Daisy (a devestatingly original name for a goat) and is a British Toggenburg (which is a type of goat).

British Toggenburgs have 'excellent longevity', according to the British Toggenburg Society's website, so if the matchmaking is successful, Mr Tombe should have many years of goat bliss ahead of him.

Of course, the main problem with the plan is finding Mr Tombe, who perhaps understandably has not exactly been revelling in his goat-fame.

To those ends, the comedy-on-your-mobile people have been round to the Sudanese embassy to see if they can help. If you'd like to see how they got on, you can watch the video here.

Of course, we eagerly await the day you can download an actual goat bride via your mobile phone. Then, and only then, will technology have finally fulfilled its potential. It'd be well weapon.

Welshman decorates his house with nine thousand daffodils to mark St David's Day

Welshman decorates his house with nine thousand daffodils to mark St David's Day

A patriotic Welshman
has covered his house with nine thousand daffodils for St David's Day.

John Jenkins turned his terraced house into a sea of yellow by pinning the plastic daffodils to netting on the front of his home - in honour of patron saint St David.

It took him a week to fix the nine thousand daffodils to his terraced house in Abergavenny, South Wales.
Jenkins said: "It puts a smile on the face of everyone passing by.

"I'm a patriotic Welshman and I couldn't think of anything better for marking our national day than turning my house into a field of daffs.

"Everyone feel a bit brighter when they see my house bursting out in yellow. It's amazing how it lightens people's mood and gets them smiling."
He said: "It's been cold and my hands were like blocks of ice - but the daffs show that spring is just around the corner.

"You know when you see a daffodil that winter is over - it must be the most cheerful flower in the world."

Jenkins is also hoping to raising hundreds of pounds for the Marie Curie Cancer charity with a pipe outside his house leading to a bucket so people can donate money.
Welshman d ecorates his house with nine thousand daffodils to mark St David's Day


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